5. Perform general procedures (linked roles: EXP, COM, COL, LEA, PRO)

EPA5.1Understand and explain the anatomy and physiology, indications and contraindications, risks and benefits, alternatives and potential complications of the procedure
EPA5.2Obtain informed consent: communicate the information to the patient and the family or proxy, seek an agreed/shared decision and document it in the file 
EPA5.3Demonstrate the technical (motor) skills required for the procedure
EPA5.4Observe principles of asepsis and maximize patient safety during procedure
EPA5.5Manage common post-procedure complications
Specific procedures that must be mastered by the student by the end of the curriculum Students are expected to perform the procedures below with real patients, except for some specific procedures that should be learnt and performed as simulations (marked with italics)
EPA 5a.Measuring and interpreting body temperature
EPA 5b.Intravenous injection and cannulation, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection
EPA 5c.Insertion of a peripheral intravenous line, planning and managing parenteral administration of drugs
EPA 5d.Pre-operative preparation of surgical field for minor surgery; asepsis and antisepsis
EPA 5e.Local skin anaesthesia
EPA 5f.Wound cleaning, application and removal of sutures
EPA 5g.Application of bandages and dressings
EPA 5h.Simple spirometry, measurement of peak expiratory flow
EPA 5i.Arterial puncture for blood gas analysis
EPA 5j.Instruction of the patient in the use of metered dose inhalers, spacers and nebulizers
EPA 5k.Taking a throat swab and performing a rapid streptococcal test
EPA 5l.Ear irrigation 
EPA 5m.Removal of a foreign body from the cornea
EPA 5n.Urethral catheterization
EPA 5o.Performance and interpretation of a urine stick test
EPA 5p.Preparation and examination of urinary sediment
EPA 5q.Performance and interpretation of an ECG
EPA 5r.Performance and interpretation of a pregnancy test
EPA 5s.Assisting in the delivery of a baby
EPA 5t.Clamping of umbilical cord / separating placenta from child 
EPA 5u.Nasogastric intubation
EPA 5v.Lumbar puncture