7. Professional (PRO) (linked EPAs: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

As professionals, physicians are committed to the health and well-being of individual patients and society. This is expressed by their ethical practice, high personal standards of behaviour, accountability to the profession and society, as well as physician-led regulation and maintenance of the physician's own health.

They are able to:
GO7.1display integrity, honesty, commitment, empathy and accountability in taking care of patients and communicating with families and colleagues 
GO7.2be aware of their own limits, and seek supervision when appropriate
GO7.3respect patients’ privacy and confidentiality
GO7.4show awareness of cultural, societal and spiritual/religious issues that impact on the health and delivery of care of individuals and of the community
GO7.5recognize that the patient’s wishes and preferences are central for medical decision-making (“shared decision-making”)
GO7.6incorporate and apply the principles of biomedical and clinical ethics in the care of patients; identify the principles and values that affect the available options in situations that pose an ethical dilemma; act according to the recommendations of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences; recognize and manage conflicts of interest
GO7.7demonstrate accountability to their profession and society, respect their legal and professional obligations and the codes of regulatory bodies
GO7.8recognize and respond appropriately to unprofessional and unethical behaviour by physicians and other health care professionals 
GO7.9allocate personal time and resources effectively in order to balance patient care, learning needs, and private activities outside the workplace, and to sustain their own health; recognize excessive stress; recognize their own substance misuse or personal illness in order to protect patients
GO7.10anticipate career choices and plan their own future training and activity