5. Health Advocate (ADV) (linked EPAs: 8, 9)

As health advocates, physicians recognize and actively promote the importance of public health and preventive healthcare for the individual patient, for patient groups, and for society. They advocate high quality healthcare to policymakers and, wherever possible, put preventive healthcare into practice. They work with those they serve to determine and understand needs, speak on behalf of others when required, and support the mobilization of resources to effect change. They take into account the historical and social aspects of the progress of science, medicine and public health. 

They are able to:
GO5.1recognize issues, settings, circumstances, or situations that require advocacy on behalf of patients, professions, or the general population, keeping in mind the structure and function of the healthcare system and insurance coverage of disease, accidents and disability in Switzerland
GO5.2incorporate health surveillance activities into interactions with individual patients (discussing lifestyles, counselling). Such activities include screening, immunization and disease prevention, risk and harm reduction measures, and health promotion. 
GO5.3work with a community or population to identify the determinants of health that affect them, how to address them and promote system-level change in a socially accountable manner
GO5.4recognize the central role and functions played by primary care in the population